Client Success Stories

Featured Client – Jill Kobliska
Jill’s Hair & Lash Extensions Lux Studios

Featured Client – Jeff Schulz
Heros for Homecare

Featured Client – Angie Taylor
Mary Kay Consultant

Featured Client – Wayne Jones
Water for Wellness

Featured Client – Jim Adams
Feather Falls Institute

Featured Client – Brenda Rose
Life Journeys, LLC

Featured Client – Nancy Emmert
Actress & Health Coach

Featured Client – Joan Skogstrom
LIFE DESIGNS Interior Design

Susan Lunning – Standing Firm
With Q&A Session

Featured Client – Erica Owen

Featured Client – Cheri Lyon
The Trendy Chicken

Susan Lunning – Transcendence
With Q&A Session

Podcast Interviews…

Susan Lunning
The Whole Health Way

This program is absolutely worth every penny, I promise you. The exercises you work through every week are nothing short of life changing, which is a huge claim, but it’s true. The coaching Susan provides is 100% personal & changes as you need it to change. As a coach, she truly is the real deal.

- Joan Skogstrom

I really enjoyed working with Susan to go through the Dream Builder Program together. I was able to go through the program together with her at exactly the time I needed that extra gust of wind in my sails. Susan helped keep me going through a challenging time on my Journey of building my dreams. With her help I was able to move forward and through those challenges with more confidence and trust that I was indeed on the right path.

- Brenda Rose

Susan is amazing! She guides you to find who you are and where you want to go, giving you such clarity. The tools and exercises to dig deep are so beneficial but more important her authentic support is priceless.

- Nancy

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