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Certified Life Coach
“It’s Never Too Early or Late to Dream.”

Susan Wynne Lunning

Susan Wynne Lunning is a certified transformational Life Mastery Coach, amazing public speaker, and a contributing author of Short, Sweet, and Sacred. As a Registered Nurse, Susan has been recognized as by the International Nurses Association as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare. Healing is Susan’s life’s dream and purpose. With many years of expertise in health education, she believes Reiki, meditation, massage, and acupuncture also have a significant role in your quest for overall optimal health and well-being. Through a combination of traditional and non-traditional healing methods, Susan believes you can be lovingly fine-tuned in vibrational healing energy activating your own natural abilities to restore and perpetuate spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.

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Susan Wynne Lunning

Client Success Stories

This program is absolutely worth every penny, I promise you. The exercises you work through every week are nothing short of life changing, which is a huge claim, but it’s true. The coaching Susan provides is 100% personal & changes as you need it to change. As a coach, she truly is the real deal.

- Joan Skogstrom

If you’re like me, you have many ideas and dreams that you want to come to life. Susan is so great at helping you pinpoint your interests and passions and providing the support needed to bring them forth. I recommend you reach out to her if you are looking for someone to partner with you to create the life you have always wanted to live!

- Erica Owen

I really enjoyed working with Susan to go through the Dream Builder Program together. I was able to go through the program together with her at exactly the time I needed that extra gust of wind in my sails. Susan helped keep me going through a challenging time on my Journey of building my dreams. With her help I was able to move forward and through those challenges with more confidence and trust that I was indeed on the right path.

- Brenda Rose

“The best act of self-love is to find someone who understands you and is in your life to help ease your burdens. I am one who is able and willing to come along beside you to lighten your load with empathetic love, compassion, andhumor, too! We are in this together, my friend. We always were!”

~ Susan Wynne Lunning, BSN, RN